Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Strategy - Incursion


The start screen is eye-catching!
I'm gonna devote my first post to a game called Incursion. I happened to stumble upon this strategy game while browsing armorgames.com. First of all, just the art style itself sucked me in, not to mention the action-packed start screen. Along with that, I am a sucker for strategy and leveling up.

Concept: Protect the lands from monsters using up to 27 different warriors.

Gameplay: Build your army consisting of sword yielding warriors, archers, and mages. Gain skill orbs to increase your army's skills as a whole or individually. You can also level up each warrior according to the next wave of monsters that will be traversing the kingdom. Use the in-game guide to gain an advantage over your enemies as well as learn which warriors are more apt to defeat the enemy fast and easy.

Learning the mechanics is not difficult. After playing level one once, I realized my objective and how to achieve it pretty easily. The second go round I defeated all monsters without letting one go by unscathed.

Lands to protect
You start off with a map. The map basically has all the lands (or levels) layed out for you. The next level is not unlocked until the last one has been completed. Set up your army with the pre-selected amount of money available to you at the start of each game (this increases with each level and skill orbs). Different stations dot the map, allowing you to place up to three warriors (they can be leveled up as you gain more money). Enemies will arrive in waves. Hover over the round timer at the beginning of the path to see what enemies will be coming forth during the waves. Arrange your warriors accordingly. Move the whole army group by clicking on one of the warriors and selecting their destination. Defeat monsters to gain more money while battling, allowing for more strategic moves. At the end of the level you gain up to 5 skill orbs depending on how well you play. Use these orbs to level up skills such as HP, Archer Range, etc.

Sound: The first thing that catches your attention, aside from the captivating visuals, is the music. Adventurous and compelling, it's enough to make you believe you're really battling it out in behalf of your own kingdom. Voice-overs are convincing as your warriors acknowledge the commands you give them. My personal favorite?  "Without delay" :D

Replayability: Addicting. Because you want to get the maximum amount of orbs, you may see fit to replay the levels (orbs allow for more leveling). But it is not necessary to continue through the map. Personally, I thought this game was fun enough to play again.

The Good: Easy gameplay. Awesome soundtrack and voice-overs. Addicting and will keep you playing for hours.

The Bad: Only one stuck out to me. Sometimes the armies would stand behind the stations and it would be hard to click them or move them about. This could be bad when you need them to go to action quickly.

Verdict: 8 out of 10 warriors. If you like using strategy to win and leveling up then this is the game for you. Try it out at armorgames.com! Click here to play!